Monday, January 17, 2011

Charity Fashion Show: Fashion for Funds

Hey Friends!

So, I was asked a little while ago to be involved in a charity fashion show at the end of February.  The organiser, Kate Reeve, contacted me by email and said she had been referred to me by Angie from Angie’s Models and Talent who I have worked with many times.  Over the past few weeks, I had only spoken to Kate by email and had never met her previously.  She said it was her first fashion event that she has been involved with, but that she has planned other fundraisers before, and I was impressed by how much she had done already without previous experience. 

I was finally able to meet Kate in person yesterday at Morala's coffee shop in the Glebe.  I hadn't asked for a description, so when a young girl and her mom came in the door, I wasn't expecting it to be her.  It turns out that the person I had been communicating with all this time that I had mistakenly assumed was around my age, was actually a 12 year old girl attending Immaculata High School.    I had absolutely no clue!  She is the most amazing, poised, dare I say adorable girl I have ever met.  I felt I could only speak to her like a pint-sized adult, because anything less would be insulting.  I found out that Kate had decided to do this fundraiser after reading a book about a group of girlfriends who organise a charity fashion show….her parents figured it would just be a phase and she would forget about it (I know I would have when I was in grade 7), but she stuck to it and was adamant about completing it despite many obstacles.  I left the coffee shop thinking “what the heck am I doing with my life, this girl is going to change the world!”.  I also left even more excited to be participating in the event than I had  been before I entered the coffee shop. I want my friends to come and meet this girl.  She’s fantastic.  Oh right, and my designs will be on stage....but I don't really feel like that's the drawing point this time.

I want this event to be an amazing turn-out, not because I want people to come and see my designs, but because it's important to remember there are people of all ages making a difference in our communities, and if we don't support those endeavours then we are not encouraging positive change.  I hope Kate continues to run these types of events.  I think she has a future career in PR for NGOs and I cannot wait to see what's next on her list of goals.

Here is the press release that has been submitted to local newspapers:

12-year-old Girl Organizes Fashion Show for Sick Kids

Last summer, Kate Reeve was flipping through an old Today's Parent magazine of her mom’s when she came upon her favourite feature: The Reader with a Cause page. The story was about a girl who was terminally ill with lung cancer. She was staying in Canuck Place, a children's hospice in B.C. Kate hadn’t realized such homes existed. But that story set her into action. The grade 7 student immediately began organizing a fashion show to raise funds for two hospices.

On February 20th models will strut their stuff on the runway at the Glebe Community Centre in support of Rogers House and Canuck Place.  Five local designers have volunteered their clothes and time for the cause. The modelling services are being donated by Angie’s Models and Talent. The celebrity emcee, Mr. Max Keeping, is looking forward to hosting the event. Hair styling for the models has been donated by Hair Junkie, a local hair salon.

Date: February 20th, 2011 
Where: Glebe Community Centre (175 Third avenue)
Designers: Rachel Sin, Shweta Wahi, Amber Watkins, Jana Hanzel, Rubin Kooner
Time:1-2:30 p.m
Tickets: Children five years old and under go free, $10 for students, and $20 for adults.
Thanks to generous donors, everything necessary for the show has been donated. That ensures that 100% of funds raised goes directly to the kids.


Kate Reeve is a grade 7 student at Immaculata Catholic High School in Old Ottawa East. This fashion show is not her first fundraising endeavour. In grades 3 and 4 she helped run the “Cookie Club” with five other friends. The girls raised over $1000 dollars for the Shepherds of Good Hope by selling cookies by the dozen to family, neighbours and friends.

Email or call 613 730 5074.

Hope to see everyone there!

xo Amber


  1. wow. so incredible that Kate is doing this, and I'm stoked that you're supporting the cause! what a great thing to be a part of.

  2. you bet I will be there! I'm such a fan of your stuff!

  3. I'm totally pumped for this! Let me know if you need anything from me event wise.